Worthy of Godly Confidence

I’ve heard humility compared to a trained stallion. Without humility, we can act like wild stallions, all spirit with no boundaries, roaming. Humility is like a bridle on a stallion, providing the direction. Even though our spirit is strong, we know that we can’t win the race without God’s direction.  

We can become like beautifully trained stallions running the race set before us with Godly confidence!

Worthy of Humility

As you are following along, you may see that there is a natural process to finding our worth in Christ. As we discover the God that is pursuing us, we embrace His love for us and reciprocate that love back through obedience, which causes us to step out into new beginnings. Then comes the pause …

There seems to always be a moment where we reflect on the mess that we have come from to a future full of hope – that’s where humility enters the scene. 

God uses humility as a gentle reminder that we need Him, that He’s got this, and to move us in a direction where He wants us - completely dependent on Him. 

AND THEN … He finds reason to reward us for it. 

Worthy of the Proof

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The proof is in the pudding.” The true meaning of this saying is that you will not know what’s inside without taking a bit. Now, taking a bite of pudding doesn’t scare me, but risking much without knowing the outcome does. But, it applies to both. 

I will never know what God has in store if I’m not willing to reach out and grab it.

We also have to add that it’s an acquired taste. As you take the first bite the bitterness will gradually change into gratefulness. Gratefulness for the new beginnings He has provided you in the past will make you crave the newness He has for you in the future. 

Worthy of Momentum

I’m a low-intense person, so movies that keep me on the edge of my seat have never been my favorite. Who wants to be put through that stress? My mother, if it included Harrison Ford! I remember sitting down with her and watching Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade … of course if I wasn’t barely falling off the couch then I could have been found behind the couch. 

There is one scene I remember so vividly. Indiana Jones must cross a deep ravine to get to the other side, with only one clue. “Only in the leap from the lion’s head will he prove his worth.” He takes the step into the ravine to find his footing firmly placed beneath him. 

That seems like a perfect analogy for being worthy of momentum. I want to proof that I am worthy of all God wants to do for me and in me, but to do so I have to create the momentum. God will never forcibly move my legs forward; however, He will always provide the footing once I step out

Worthy of Anointing

Anointing has always sounded like a lovely word to me. In my mind's eye, it involves standing with a smile on my face with arms raised to Heaven as I feel the comforting presence of God.

The word anointing is said to have stemmed from shepherd's rituals, during the time of Christ. Because ticks and lice would take over a sheep's coat and could work their way into their inner ear, often leading to death, shepherds would pour oil all over the sheep's head. By making their coat slippery, the insects couldn't work their way to the ears to harm the sheep.

Now that doesn't sound as pleasant as I had previously imagined.

Being soaked by an oily substance probably felt uncomfortable and strange to those sheep - yet their shepherd knew what was best for them to live a full life.

We often say we want God's anointing on our lives ... but are we truly ready for what that entails?

Worthy of Guidance

Have you ever heard someone say, "Jesus is my best friend!" 

I'm like, "Really?"

There are some days when Jesus is not that popular with me. Why? It's because He is acting like my father, not my best friend. He's holding me to a higher standard, correcting me, and asking for my obedience. 

He knows I hold a limited knowledge of this world and knows what's best for me. 

No, He's not my best friend. He's my Heavenly Father. 

He's not always popular with me. BUT, He's always right with me. 

I don't often like what He is saying, but it's always exactly what I need to hear. 

I'm worthy of His guidance - even if I sometimes have to take a walk around the block before I realize He was right all along ...

Worthy of Correction

Would you rather:

1. Clean Toilets

2. Be Corrected

Most days, the first option sounds more preferable to me. Dealing with correction is never my idea of fun. However, I know that correction brings growth ... AND ... I really want growth!

If I choose to ignore correction, than the same Nikki that you see now will be the same Nikki that you see 50 years from now. That is frightening to me.

So let's dig into a not-so-fun topic because maybe, just maybe, we need some correction in our lives ...

-Nicole Dickey / NicoleDickey.com

Worthy of Devotion

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength" (Mark 12:30) This sounds like a tall order to fill! Like a body builder trying to lift 500 pounds right out-of-the-gate, it can seem like an impossible task.

God doesn't call us to love Him like this as an ending point - but calls it as a commandment, a starting point!

So how do we even begin? God tells us just how as we continue in Mark twelve ...

Nicole Dickey / NicoleDickey.com

Worthy of Love

There are times we have done nothing wrong, yet handed a bad card in life, where love has left us empty. Our first inclination is to attribute God’s love to what we have experienced on this earth; however, although we use the same word, the definition is very different. The scriptures tell us that God IS love. He does not just give love, but embodies the word. He is defined by love. He can’t do anything without it coming from love. To know Him is to experience His love! God = Love The theme of the entire scriptures can be wrapped up in love.

No matter your past, no matter your current circumstances, YOU are loved! When we allow His crazy-kind of love to soak into our soul, it heals the pains that the love of the world has caused. Although the scars may still exist, they no longer ache with pain. Like a sponge so full of water that it can’t help but drip out, we can be so filled with God’s love that giving this love to others is a natural occurrence.

But first, we must soak …

[Press play on our video blog below for a 10-minute devotional on Worthy of Love]

Nicole Dickey / www.NicoleDickey.com

Worthy With Imperfections

Have you ever had an Ebenezer Scrooge moment where you were haunted by the ghost of your past - reliving moments where shame & guilt abound? Those are the moments where I can feel so unworthy of God.

It can be paralyzing. The past can keep us from living within the present, making God’s plan for the future seem unattainable - exactly where our enemy wants us. BUT, God still has plans for your life ... He knows we are very imperfect beings, yet still chooses us!

I'm ready to shake off that guilt and shame and put on a big, cozy blanket of grace! With me?

Nicole Dickey / www.NicoleDickey.com

Worthy of the Search

Do you believe that you are worthy of being sought after? O’ my friend, you are! There is nothing you can do to earn your worth in Christ. Our worth in Him is something that is freely given to us from a God who is passionate abut us.

It’s not calculated on good deeds that we did last week or even how many times we prayed. We could have spent last week running as fast as we could from God, yet He still finds us worthy of Him.

Let’s explore this further as we catch up with Hagar in Genesis 16 as she is pursued by the Lord in mid-run …

-Nicole Dickey / nicoledickey.com

Celebrating Freedom on July Fifth

We had so much to celebrate yesterday on the Fourth of July! As I awoke this morning to dishes in the sink, crumbs all over the floor, pieces of water balloons all over the yard, and the remnants of 5 toddlers who partied hard yesterday leaving disasters in their wake, I felt God say, "Nikki, there's a beautiful lesson in cleaning your house after the celebration of freedom yesterday." 

Being obedient to Him, I share my thoughts with you in this short 3 minute video devotional.

Now, I'm off to go chase toddlers with a vacuum.

-Nicole Dickey

Becoming Fearless - Part 8

Becoming fearless takes COURAGE! Courage isn't the absence of fear - Courage is working through your fears, even in the midst of the storm. 

Paul provides us an example of courage in the midst of a storm in his life and even goes the extra mile to impart his courage to others through his encouragement.

As we finish in the book of Acts, we look back and see that it wasn't about the life of Peter or even the life of Paul. The book of Acts is about the early church, how they faced their fears, and propelled the Gospel of Jesus with courage and boldness! 

We hope you have enjoyed Becoming Fearless video devotionals and found applicable tools from the early church to conquer the fears in your own life. We believe that God has beautiful plans for your life!

Becoming Fearless - Part 7

When we run into our fears, the next thing to hit us is doubt. My mama used to say, "Nikki, don't doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light!"

How do we focus on the light in even the dark times? Paul gives us applicable examples as he sits in multiple trials, yet retains peace through it all! 

Join us as we deal with doubt together as we dig into Acts 22-26!

Becoming Fearless - Part 6

So why did the chicken cross the road? What was really there on the other side to make him face that crazy road? Have you ever had to encounter a fear, because you knew that getting to the other side was what was best for you?

We get a great example in Acts 20-21 of Paul having to press forward, even when the world around him was saying, "turn and run." Why? Because Paul knew that God would always be glorified when he was obedient to him. 

Who’s ready to cross the crazy roads with us?

Becoming Fearless - Part 5

When we are sitting in the middle of our worst fear, resting in worship can be the furthest from our minds. More likely our first thoughts are: run for the hills, cry ourselves to sleep, desire others to feel sorry for us, eat chocolate/ice cream/more chocolate, etc.

BUT, what if resting in worship is actually what's best for us when we are in the middle of our fears? Paul and Silas give us a beautiful picture of what this actually looks like when we allow our God to be bigger than our fears. 

So grab a tub of chocolate ice cream, and let's sit together for ten minutes and chat about how we can apply this to life!

Becoming Fearless - Part 4

Today we are digging deep in the "C" word - commitment! If we want to overcome our fears, than our God has to be bigger than our fears. Becoming fearless means committing to God's vision for our lives. 

Join us as we go through Acts 13-14 and walk with Paul & Barnabas on the first missionary journey of the early church. Let's see the commitment and persistence it took to start the spread of the Gospel - and how we can apply it to today!

Becoming Fearless - Part 3

Discussing fear is one thing, but running into our fears is another ball game! Becoming fearless means facing those fears and choosing to not allow them to have control over us. 

Join us as we go through Acts 8-12 and pull out 4 mindset shifts that we can apply when directly going after our fears - in living the life we were created to live for God!